If you have questions about these programs or would like Conner's Cause to help you and your family apply for them, please email us or leave us a phone message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


211SANDIEGO is a local non-profit operating 24 hours a day, 365 days each year and provides access to community, health, social, and disaster services by calling 211 for information available in more than 200 languages. 211 also provides access to 6,000+ services, resources and programs through their online database. 211SANDIEGO has set up a special page with information on how to get help during the COVID19 emergency


(Update: April 21- The United Way has informed us that due to an extremely high volume of applications, United Way of San Diego County has decided to put a hold on accepting new applications for the Worker Assistance Initiative until more money is raised. They will continue to process requests that have been received and deploy the funds that are available. They will  reopen the application process to assist more individuals and families in need as more funds are made available.) 

The United Way of San Diego has set up a San Diego Worker Assistance Initiative to provide financial assistance to individuals impacted by layoffs and reduced working hours as a result of COVID19. The program is for low-wage workers who need support for a limited but undetermined length of time and will help pay for utilities, rent and mortgage payments. If you are a Conner's Cause family eligible for this program, please let us know if you need assistance providing documentation of need.



Feeding San Diego Families has a number of resources for families in need of assistance with groceries and other supplies, including emergency diapers and pet food. You can put in your address and their website will provide locations of food distribution sites closest to you.


The San Diego Food Bank’s Emergency Food Assistance Program distributes emergency food packages at 90 different locations across San Diego County every month. The majority of the food distributed at these sites includes nonperishable and shelf-stable food items.  To qualify for this program, your household must meet federal income guidelines.
This is a self-certifying program. Proof of income and I.D. are NOT REQUIRED to receive food from the program.

The Food Bank has expanded the Emergency Food Assistance Program which now includes locations throughout the county and recently added an additional 25 locations. 

To download a list of locations and dates please click here: 

Emergency Food Assistance Sites February 2021

The Food Bank also has a  Neighborhood Food Distribution Program  which distributes fresh produce and nonperishable food items at 19 distribution sites every month throughout San Diego County.  ANYONE can receive food at a Neighborhood Distribution Program site. Identification cards ARE NOT required. There are NO INCOME restrictions for this program.

Monthly Neighborhood Food Distribution Sites February 2021

Super Pantries are food distribution hubs located across San Diego County that offer both contactless “drive-thru” and “walk-up” food distribution services. All Super Pantries are open for food distribution a minimum of 3 days per week. Individuals and families in need of food assistance can visit your nearest Super Pantry during opening hours to receive emergency groceries and resources.

35 Super Pantries in total will be listed by July 31, 2020.

Super Pantry Sites February 2021

The Senior Food Program provides a monthly 35-pound box of food and a 2-pound block of cheese to senior citizens aged 60 and over who meet income guidelines. The Food Bank distributes food to 13,000 low-income senior citizens at 65 sites throughout San Diego County every month. PLEASE NOTE: ALL 65 Senior Food Program distribution sites will remain open throughout the Coronavirus crisis. No Senior Food Distributions are scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays. 

 Senior Food Program Distribution Sites February 2021

The San Diego Food Bank and North County Food Bank have compiled a list of organizations that are distributing free diapers at various locations throughout the County. 

To download a list of those locations, please click here: 

Diaper Distribution Site locations - San Diego & North County Food Banks

Banco de pañales – Lista de distribución de pañales


If you are in need of food assistance, you can also call 2-1-1 from your phone, and a 2-1-1 operator will provide you with the location of your nearest food or supply distribution site or call the Food Bank’s toll free number: 1-866-350-FOOD (3663). 

Attention Conner's Cause families: If you are unable to travel to a Food or Diaper Distribution site in your area, please contact us at We are working with a number of local organizations to arrange delivery of emergency food and supplies to our most vulnerable families during this public health emergency. 

Support Services for over 20 Years...

Through our financial assistance program, Conner’s Cause helps families maintain access to essential medical care for their children and sustain a safe and appropriate in-home care environment. We fulfill our mission to ease the burden for our families by providing a wide range of financial resources for care-related expenses, including, but not limited to:

Out-of-Pocket Medical & Prescription Costs

Conner’s Cause provides financial assistance for medical appointment and prescription co-payments, out-of-pocket costs for medical supplies and equipment and out-of-pocket costs for physical, occupational and other therapies not covered by insurance.

Food & Supplement Assistance

Conner’s Cause distributes, on average, $4,000 each month in grocery and discount store gift cards so that families can provide nutritious food for children undergoing treatment. We also provide financial assistance to families for the purchase of special formulas and nutritional supplements for children with additional or restricted dietary needs.

Gasoline Cards

Conner’s Cause for Children distributes, on average, $4,000 each month in gasoline cards alone so that families from all over our region can focus on their child’s treatment, and not on how to cover the crushing cost of gasoline.

Transportation Costs & Car Repairs


Conner's Cause provides financial assistance to local families to enable their purchase of new tires, vehicle insurance and registration and minor car repairs.  This assistance ensures that hundreds of critically ill and injured children of our community have safe and reliable transportation.

Utility, Phone & Household Expenses

Each month, Conner's Cause provides hundreds of dollars in assistance for utility, water and phone bills to ensure that local families can maintain those basic household expenses essential for sustaining a safe and appropriate in-home care environment for medically fragile children. 

Request Assistance

Every year, Conner's Cause for Children lends a much needed helping hand to hundreds of families struggling with the financial burden of caring for a child with a life-threatening illness.

If your family is in need of financial assistance for some of your child’s care-related out of pocket expenses, Conner’s Cause for Children may be able to help you. Conner’s Cause for Children primarily assists families with children:


  • Who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or injury regardless of diagnosis

  • Are 18 years of age or younger

  • Reside in or receive treatment in San Diego County. 

If you would like more information or would like to apply for assistance, please email or call 760-487 1592.  Although we try our best to assist as many eligible families as possible, we do not always have the funds to guarantee assistance to all applicants.

Additional Community Resources:  There are many other organizations in our region which may have additional resources for your family. We try to update this list as often as possible, so please let us know if you have any questions or have suggestions that we can share with all of our families. Download a PDF copy of Additional Resources

Working Together . . .

Ronald McDonald

House Charities San Diego »

“Conner’s Cause is a tremendous resource for the families we serve.  It is so nice to know that the support isn’t restricted to a certain illness or diagnosis.

For Conner’s Cause, it’s about the health and well-being of the family. As we all know, when a family is in a medical crisis the focus is on getting the child well. It tends to be a very stressful time on many levels and Conner’s Cause does an amazing job of expediting the application process and providing families much needed support. We truly appreciate having Conner’s Cause as a resource for our families.”


Gabi Rivers »

Director of Operations