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Our Leadership


Since 1995, the small but committed Board of Directors for Conner's Cause for Children has been tirelessly working to provide financial assistance to scores of local families residing in or receiving treatment in San Diego County whose children face the battle of a life-threatening illness or injury. 


On behalf of the Conner's Cause for Children families we assist, the Executive Director and Board of Directors thank Conner's Cause for Children supporters who help us to carry out our mission:  To ease the burden for families who have children with life-threatening illnesses or injuries, regardless of specific diagnosis.





Twenty years after a group of families rallied together to help the family of an unforgettable little boy named Conner Champ, Conner’s

Who Inspires you: 


As kids become adults the positive outlook on life we are all born with can fade. I’m continually inspired by the resilience of children faced with serious health challenges. I can only strive to handle life's daunting challenges with the grace of a four year old.

Who Inspires you:


I am inspired by my parents, as well as the seniors who live in the retirement living facilities that my therapy dog, Nora, and I visit.  I love hearing their stories, sharing laughs and learning their wisdom about life.  They inspire me to appreciate every minute, to be grateful and to have a positive outlook in good times and bad.

Karen Gliner


Judy Champ


Who Inspires you:


It's no surprise -- Conner is my inspiration.  Radiation twice a day for 8 weeks, chemo every third week, shots to combat the steroids which doubled his weight. All this and he continued to smile, laugh and brighten our days.  His strength and spirit is unmatched.  He will always be my hero.

John Champ

Board Chairman

Who Inspires you:


I am inspired most by getting out in nature with happy, appreciative friends.  As I hike, my lungs work to help me breathe and my legs transport me along a journey to see something new.  No matter what is going on in one's life, you can venture out in nature and it makes you realize how small your problems are.

Who Inspires you:


I am inspired by people who handle hardships with grace and courage.  No matter how many times they get knocked down they get up and keep walking with faith and hope.

Who Inspires you:


I am inspired by the sacrifices that hard-working parents make to provide for their children. When a family must allocate time between working or caring for their ailing child, I am pleased that our organization can relieve some of the stress that parents must feel when faced with those two potentially competing interests.


Ray Gliner


Tracy Bennett


Carol Del Signore

Executive Director

Cause for Children continues to reach out to ease the financial burden for hundreds of very special families each year.


From stopping the termination of utility services to paying for emergency transportation needs, we have the capacity and the flexibility to respond immediately to families’ urgent needs because we are a local, independent organization. We can do this for them because of the generous individuals, organizations and corporate community partners whose continued support has enabled us to increase our level of family services year after year.


I am inspired by the unshakeable hope and courage of our Conner’s Cause children and the tireless determination of their families to get them the best care they need and deserve.


I am honored to be a part of an organization that makes it possible for overburdened families to breathe just a little easier so they can focus on what matters most: taking care of their very sick kids.


Many thanks to all of you who help us help our families,

Tricia De Pinto


Please click here to learn more about the assistance Conner's Cause provides.

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